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Snake Bite Tequila Reposado

Snake Bite Tequila Reposado

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Snake Bite Reposado Tequila
Age - 6.5 months in a once used Bardstown Bourbon Barrel
Size: 750 ml
Proof - 110
ABV - 55%
Distiller - NOM 1414
Produced in Arandas, Jalisco Mexico bottled by Crowded Barrel

Snakebite Tequila Reposado, with its daring 110 proof, is a rare find in the world of spirits. Aged with precision in oak barrels, it unlocks a deeper, more complex character. This meticulously crafted tequila carries the vibrant essence of blue agave roots, enhanced by the warm embrace of wood. You’ll discover notes of vanilla, a hint of spice, salted citrus and green banana waiting patiently in your glass. Snakebite is not just a tequila; it's a refined exploration into the wild heart of agave. A bold testament to those who dare to venture beyond the ordinary, with a smooth yet striking spirit.

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