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Snake Bite Blanco Tequila

Snake Bite Blanco Tequila

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Spirit - Blanco Tequila
Size: 750 ml
Proof - 80
ABV - 40%
Distiller - NOM 1414
Produced in Arandas, Jalisco Mexico bottled by Crowded Barrel


Nurtured in the volcanic soils of Jalisco, Snakebite is a smooth yet striking Tequila Blanco. Its silky texture masks a bold heart, delivering crisp, clear agave sliding through complex layers of salted lime, white flowers, and a subtle minerality. Made with 100% premium blue agave, you’ll find a balanced blend of old-world quality and refined exploration. Lift a glass and discover the winding depths of this meticulously crafted spirit, worthy of life’s best moments.

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