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Silly Goose Vodka

Silly Goose Vodka

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Class Type: Vodka
40%-  Alc/Vol
80 - Proof
Distiller - Gulf Coast Distilling

OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Most vodka is all fancy—no pants.

When it’s not pushing a convoluted process or moonwalking over crystallized unicorn farts, an elite advertising team is weaving tall tales about its pedigree.

Did you know that GOOD vodka is the easiest liquor to make? Don’t believe me? Ask your local distiller how it compares to any other spirits. Better yet, try a blind tasting of random vodkas with some friends.

At Crowded Barrel, we don’t believe in the silliness and artificial hype about vodka. We just love it for what it is: a simple ingredient for delicious cocktails and good times. You won’t find any spokesmodels or pinky waving poshness here. Just a beautifully clean spirit, distilled on the Gulf Coast, and married with Texas rainwater to a smooth 80 proof.

Give Silly Goose a try. You can always go back to drinking rented tuxedos and sparkle ponies. But when it comes to your vodka, we think the shenanigans should happen around your bottle—not in it.

Now go put your pants on, it’s not that kind of party… Or is it?

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