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Magnificent Beasts Orthrus and Cerberus blends.

Magnificent Beasts Orthrus and Cerberus blends.

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Introducing Orthrus and Cerberus: The Magnificent Beast Blend Series

Brace yourselves, MBs, for Orthrus and Cerberus, the latest legends in our Magnificent Beast Blend series. Crafted by the true maker of unicorns, Irene Tan.

Orthrus: This two-headed beast includes a carefully selected blend of Del Bac and Virginia Distillery. On the nose, you'll catch hints of blueberry pie, savory pastry, and almond. The palate explodes with berries—blackberry, blueberry, and black currant—with a grippy texture. The finish is long and savory, with oak spice and berry notes carrying through. Perfect for those who like a bite in their whiskey.

Cerberus: Our three-headed (thanks to the turtle) beast starts with a nose of BBQ, teriyaki, and umami. The palate is a mouth-watering mix of fig, dates, raisin, clove, cherry, and toasted cereal. The finish is toffee-rich, leathery, dry, with oak spice and a hint of BBQ smoke. For the brave-hearted who crave complexity.

Grab a glass, embrace the beast, and let the whiskey unleash its magnificent magic upon thee. Cheers to epic blends and unforgettable moments!

Magnificent Beasts Orthrus

Size - 750ml
Proof - 115.6 Proof - 57.8% ABV
Distiller - Virgina and Del Bac
40% 4 yr old Virginia Fino
40% 4 yr old Virginia Oloroso
20% 13 Month Del Bac Unsmoked

Magnificent Beasts Cerberus
Size - 750ml
Proof - 119.7 Proof - 59.85% ABV
Distiller - Virgina and Del Bac
50% 4 yr old Virginia John Dias Port
30% 4 yr old Virginia STR
20% 13 Month Del Bac Mesquite Smoked


Nose - blueberry pie, savory pastry, almond
palate - blast of berries fills the palate , blackberry, blue berry, black currant, grippy
finish - long, savory, oak spice, berry notes carry through

Nose - bbq, teriyaki, umami,
Palate - fig, dates, raisin, clove, cherry, toasted cereal, mouth watering
Finish - toffee, leathery,, dry. oak spice, bbq smoke


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