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Eleanor Batch 11 Armagnac Cask

Eleanor Batch 11 Armagnac Cask

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Alright you Eleanor loving MBs, we got another delicious release comin' at ya. 
Finished in an Armagnac Barrel that spun this Eleanor in a beautiful direction. 

Rex hops on the screen to provide his tasting notes.

For those curious for Briana's tasting notes... "the nose is like if you smashed vanilla beans on a cut log, with a few dollops of plumy jam on top and tastes like feral raisins, plumy jams with saw dust sprinkles."

Eleanor Batch 11
Age - 3yr  9 months
Proof - 117.80 ABV - 58.9% 
Mash Bill - 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley 
Distiller - MGP
Spent 8 months in an Armagnac Cask


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