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Crowded Barrel Alliance - Andalusia #2

Crowded Barrel Alliance - Andalusia #2

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52.6% ABV
105.2 Proof
Age: 28 months in #3 Char New American Oak
Distiller - Andalusia Whiskey Co

Double-Chocolate American Single Malt
An American SIngle Malt Whiskey made with American 2-row malted barley and a double-dose of Chocolate malt. Chocolate malt is a lightly roasted (similar to coffee) malt variety that derives its name from the color of the final malt and the flavors it contributes.

Tasting Notes
The new oak barrel brings flavors of vanilla & baking spices. The Chocolate Malt adds a finish of milk chocolate, Tootsie Rolls, and toffee.

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